Terms & Conditions is operated in Iran and is subject to the laws of Iran.

The services offered by are not intended for use and/or are not available in the countries where they are deemed illegal. The User shall be fully responsible for compliance with the local legislation.

We do not accept counterfeit or otherwise fraudulent payments. We reserve the right to report any fraudulent activity to the appropriate authorities. Payments are final and not reversible except as provided in this Agreement. Each User can use the services of to transfer funds from one OWN Bank account to another OWN E-currency account and vice versa.

No third party payments will be accepted. If we find out that the funds come from third party, we will not accept the payment and will immediately reject your order. The full amount of third party payments will be refunded less the transaction fees of e-currency processor or bank account.

Working time is from Saturday – Thursday from 9am to 17pm.

Users MUST NOT share their information such as passwords, Two step verification codes, Bank Card info and any other information related to bank and user account with others. We close their account immediately after knowing that.


Offered goods and services are provided not at the order of an individual or enterprise operating the WebMoney Transfer System. We are an independent enterprise providing services and making independent decisions about pricing and offers. Enterprises, operating the WebMoney Transfer System, do not receive any fees or other remuneration for participation in the provision of services and do not bear any responsibility for our activity.

Accreditation performed by WebMoney Transfer exclusively to confirm our contact details and verify the identity. It is performed at our will and does not mean that we in any way are connected with the sales conducted by the WebMoney System operators.